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Alphagary, Orbia’s Polymer Solutions Brand, Introduces Infinitude – PVC Compounds Built With Recycled Content.

Alphagary, Orbia’s Polymer Solutions Brand, Introduces Infinitude – PVC Compounds Built With Recycled Content.

Alphagary, a global leader in the design and manufacture of compounds, stabilizers and plasticizers, and a division of Orbia’s Polymer Solutions business group, introduced today the first of a new series of PVC compounds, under the brand Infinitude

Infinitude vinyl compounds, available in natural base or pre-colored, are designed for both molding and extrusion applications. Grades formulated with up to 70 percent recycled content have been successfully processed by Alphagary’s customers into footwear soles, irrigation and garden hoses, floor mats, accessories and floor mats for the automotive industry, and wire jacketing and insulation, providing customers with eco-friendly options that reuse waste originally intended for landfills. Said Angelica Fram, Head of Quality Assurance, Alphagary Colombia, “Based on our lab analysis and customer feedback, we are happy to report that Infinitude compounds function similarly to compounds formulated with all prime materials in how they process and perform in the end applications.”

As part of the larger PVC-IN-MOTION project pioneered by sister company, Vestolit, the Infinitude vinyl compound series formulated and manufactured by Alphagary offers a second life for plastics that have been discarded. Said John Jaddou, Alphagary’s Global Business Development Director, “Living our sustainability goals led us to partnering with customers who were looking for ways to recycle their discarded product. The PVC-IN-MOTION venture helps to find avenues where local processing companies separate and clean the material, and then process and ship to Alphagary so we can incorporate into our compounds. We perform quality inspection just like we would for in-coming prime materials.”

By building partnerships with customers and local processing companies, Alphagary has secured usable, consistent supply of recycled material. Additional Infinitude samples have been shipped to customers to be molded or extruded into a wide variety of end-products. Said John Jaddou, “We are inspired and encouraged by the interest customers are showing in trialing and marketing products made from materials that promote a circular economy and reduce reliance on fossil-based resources. Together with our TPE compound Evoprene ECO formulated with bio-based ingredients, the Infinitude PVC compound series, formulated with recycled content, demonstrates our commitment to sustainable development.”

At Orbia, sustainability is deeply embedded in our businesses, is a core component of our growth strategy, and drives our culture. Our purpose-led focus on addressing the world’s most pressing challenges drives our business agenda and our strategic approach to sustainability.


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