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The New Developed Pick-And-Place Platform

The Covid-19 pandemic has further fueled the automation megatrend. While Syntegon has been offering robotic solutions for decades, the newly developed pick-and-place platform, Syntegon RPP, sets new standards in the automation of packaging lines. The modular and highly flexible platform automates process steps such as handling, feeding, and loading for a wide range of products. Together with transport modules, the Delta robots can be flexibly connected and seamlessly integrated into an overall system. With the Sigpack TTMD top load cartoner with integrated Delta robots, Syntegon showcases another solution for automated secondary packaging. The TTMD is equipped with one or more Delta robot cells. It processes products from multiple infeed sources in random order and orientation. A camera-based vision system detects the individual products on the infeed belt. Robotic arms pick the products and place them flat or on-edge in the cartons.

Additionally, the Kliklok ACE offers food manufacturers full flexibility in carton forming. They can choose between glue, lock-style, or innovative ultrasonic technology. Both the lock-style and ultrasonic versions are glue-free, making them a sustainable option for different carton format sizes. At PACK EXPO, visitors can experience the sustainability and efficiency benefits of the Kliklok ACE live – and take a closer look at sample trays made from paper that can replace commonly used plastic trays for cookies. Line competence at a glance two automated lines provide a live overview of Syntegon’s line competence. The first line features the newly developed robotic pick and place platform RPP. The RPP Delta Robots load cookies into the infeed chain of the Pack 403 HE horizontal flow wrapper, which is specifically designed for a harsh environment and high production volumes. The flow-wrapped cookies are then packed into cartons on the Kliklok ITC integrated top load cartoner.

The second line demonstrates Syntegon’s international footprint: all technologies come from different sites and can be seamlessly integrated into one comprehensive bag-in-box line for crackers: the SVE 3822 vertical bagger feeds the crackers into a Kliklok MEC end load cartoner using the bag in box interceptor infeed with continuous motion. A virtual display shows how the line can additionally be equipped with an Elematic case packer that is known for its pack style flexibility as well as tool-less and quick format changeovers. Meet the experts live in addition to the exhibited technologies; visitors to the booth can attend Syntegon’s live presentations. Robotics experts give detailed insights into the benefits of automated solutions, such as the Syntegon RPP pick-and-place platform or the Sigpack TTMD cartoner. PACK EXPO also marks the virtual launch of Syntegon’s latest liquid filling machine: the LFS, which is available in clean and ultra-clean hygienic executions, fills and packages liquid and viscous food.

Thanks to the new modular concept, manufacturers can react quickly to changing market demands and enhance their production. Syntegon also presents an innovation for the pharmaceutical industry: with the flexible filling platform Versynta FFP, Syntegon offers pharmaceutical manufacturers, R&D laboratories, and biotech startups a standardized, modular small-batch solution to safely fill liquid pharmaceuticals. Syntegon experts will be available to discuss solutions for both liquid and solid dosage forms at the booth.

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