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The Indian Market Has Become the Largest Single Market Overseas for Yizumi HPM

The Indian Market Has Become the Largest Single Market Overseas for Yizumi HPM

Yizumi Invested Rs. 200 Corers to expand their business in India

Strengthening development in the Indian market to help achieve Yizumi HPM’s global strategic objectives.

As we all know, India and China are two of the largest developing countries in the world and are very similar in many ways. Both countries have brilliant historical and cultural heritage. Both have a population of more than 1.3 billion. Many believe that China’s today will be India’s tomorrow.
As a modern material with many properties, plastics play an irreplaceable role in the industry, agriculture, and consumer field. In recent years, India’s plastic machinery and equipment market has expanded rapidly.

India’s plastics consumption has been growing at 16% every year, well above China’s 10% and the UK’s 2.5%, making it one of the fastest-growing countries in the plastics industry. However, India’s plastic machinery market currently remains at a very low level, mismatched with its population size and economic level.

When confronted with this huge plastics market, an earlier market deployment will help you to seize more opportunities. As an important injection molding machine manufacturer in the industry, Yizumi HPM has made a very wise decision to immerse itself in the Indian market and build a strong business foundation for its marketing, service, and production technology.

Remarkable result: Yizumi HPM’s India factory has manufactured and sold 1400 injection molding machines.

Yizumi HPM has leased industrial space to manufacture and sell injection molding machines in India since 2017. Yizumi HPM India factory is an injection molding machine manufacturer offering design, production, sales, and customer services. Based on hiring local management, sales, production, and technical personnel, the enterprise has copied the management model of Yizumi HPM headquarters and implemented the entire system of Yizumi HPM headquarters including quality control and product delivery management in the Indian factory to ensure quality and rapid delivery of injection molding machines made in India.

In its first year of operation, the value of Yizumi HPM India factory shipment exceeded Rs 400 million. In 2021, despite the severe pandemic situation in India, the sales of Yizumi HPM injection molding machines in the Indian market grow rapidly and are projected to double by end of the year. By January 2022, Yizumi HPM India factory has produced and sold 1,500 injection molding machines. The Indian market has emerged as the largest overseas single market for Yizumi HPM.

The rapid business development of the Yizumi HPM India factory represents the strong competitiveness of the Yizumi HPM injection molding machines. Yizumi HPM’s injection molding machines deliver the design and quality comparable to the machines made in U.S. and European countries while offering great cost advantages. With positive market feedback, Yizumi HPM’s machines have established a great reputation on the market, continuously receiving purchase orders from both new customers and existing customers.

Aiming at the Indian market, Yizumi HPM launched comprehensive and systematic field research. Data indicate that India’s current level of plastic consumption is far lower than that of China and developed countries in Europe and the United States while the demand for the mainstream consumer goods, such as automobiles, home appliances, and 3C is strong. The production needs to be unleashed to release its potential.

In view of the characteristics of the Indian market, the market and technical teams from Yizumi HPM demonstrated their capacities in program implementation. They quickly developed the machine configurations for the Indian market and wide platen machine series specifically specially designed for Indian customers. Yizumi HPM’s three-platen machines, high-speed packaging system, and the full series of two-platen machines have achieved very good sales performance in the Indian market.

Acquire land To construct a smart digital precision production base
As the business of the Yizumi HPM India factory expanded, the capacity of the leased plant became unable to fulfill the rapid-growing market demand and constrained its development pace in India. Given its firm confidence in the continued development in the Indian market, with its strategic global industrial layout in mind, Yizumi HPM acquired a lot in Gujarat to build its own modern plant.

The new plant is located in the GIDC Industrial Park in Gujarat state, adjacent to Mitsubishi Electric and covering an area of 80,000 square meters. When fully completed, the annual output is expected to be 10 billion rupees. The current first phase construction has an annual production capacity of approximately 5 billion rupees. Using the factory requirements of Yizumi HPM headquarters as the reference, the design and construction of the new plant in India adopt the highest standards to build an intelligent, digital, precision modern advanced production base.

The first phase of the plant construction is progressing well. The primary frame of the building is nearly completed. The design and bidding process for water and power supply, as well as equipment configuration, are also completed. Orderly conduct of works is pushed forward as planned. The plant is expected to be operational by the first half of 2022. By then, equipped with advanced production equipment and management concepts, Yizumi HPM India factory will provide customers in the Indian market with better product quality and shorter delivery time, taking its business to the next level.

Yizumi HPM India factory will continue to focus on customer service and product quality to achieve excellence in all aspects. Externally, the company adopts a customer-oriented business approach, striving to provide customers with better pre-sales and after-sales service to increase customer confidence in buying and using Yizumi HPM’s machinery. Internally, it will continue to strengthen the management infrastructure to ensure product quality, timely delivery, and market competitiveness.

Because of India’s geographical location, upon completion, the factory will be able to supply the surrounding countries after fulfilling customer demand in India and drive the market expansion of Yizumi HPM injection molding machines in South Asia, Central Asia, and Africa.

In recent years, Yizumi HPM’s global layout strategy has been making steady progress, with the completion of the German R&D center, Vietnamese subsidiary, and French spare parts center. The acquisition of a larger lot in India for its higher standard intelligent manufacturing base is Yizumi HPM’s largest investment project in overseas markets to date, representing another solid step forward in its global layout implementation.

As the pivot point of Yizumi HPM’s global strategy, the India factory is a positive, forward-thinking example of this strategy. The successful experience of Yizumi HPM’s India factory may also be copied to many more new plants of Yizumi HPM and contribute to the success of Yizumi HPM’s globalization objectives.

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