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SABIC Spotlights Advanced Material Solutions for an Expanding Global Hygiene and Healthcare Market at K 2022

SABIC Spotlights Advanced Material Solutions for an Expanding Global Hygiene and Healthcare Market at K 2022

SABIC, a global leader in the chemical industry answers the needs of the hygiene and healthcare industry at K 2022 with a broad exhibit of differentiated material solutions, application samples targeting improved functionality, sustainability, safety, design, cost, patient and consumer convenience. A growing global population with an increasing female workforce and elderly people is creating a rising demand for healthcare and hygiene products that require innovative material solutions. This coincides with higher rates of obesity and other illnesses, and an increased awareness for healthcare associated infections (HCAI) and tighter governmental regulations for consumer protection.

Key materials in focus at SABIC’s exhibit at Booth D42 in Hall 6 during the show from October 19 to 26 in Düsseldorf, Germany, include the company’s Purecares polypropylene (PP) solutions for hygiene and medical nonwoven applications, as well as different types of polyethylene (PE) resins for film and laminates in the hygiene market.

SABIC’s healthcare offering includes SABIC PCG – Pharmacopoeia grade poly-olefins such as polypropylene and polyethylene along with a broad portfolio of engineered thermoplastics such as Lexan HP PC,Cycoloy HC ABS/PC, Cycolac HM ABS, Valox HX PBT, Xenoy HX PC/PBT and Xylex HX PC/PET. This portfolio is offered with SABIC’s Health Care Product Policy that includes pre-assessment for biocompatibility (ISO 10993, USP Class VI, European Pharmacopoeia – EP), food contact compliance, formulation lock and stringent management of change process to help customers develop healthcare applications.

SABIC’s Trucircle portfolio includes certified circular and renewable polymers to help customers meet sustainability goals.

Solutions in the spotlight at SABIC’s booth are focused on five key application areas:

Patient care
In this segment, SABIC addresses the need for portable technologies, reduction of HCAI, and regulatory compliance. SABIC’s healthcare portfolio offers enhanced chemical resistance to variety of disinfectants, cleaners, lipids and IV solutions for reducing HCAI. Moreover, these materials offer capability to be sterilized by variety of sterilization processes including Gamma, E-Beam, Autoclave, EtO, etc. This capability can be instrumental to increase the effective time available for patient care. Examples on display:

  • Diagnostic device using Lexan,Cycoloyand Valox resins provide high stiffness and durable, aesthetic surfaces in addition to chemical resistance for reducing HCAI’s. We are happy to share a recent example where SABIC joined hands with Artcline, a pioneer in healthcare devices, to develop new to the world sepsis treatment device. To know more follow the link illustrating how SABIC’s healthcare portfolio enables development of techniques and technologies for devices that treat bacterial sepsis. Read more.
  • Further building on our foundation to collaborate, we will be sharing an example of a ventilator, illustrating the strength of our team of experts, and our application knowledge, highlighting SABIC Lexan, Cycoloy, Cycolac and Valox resins, which have been used by several renowned brands and new entrants across the globe for medical device housings that are used to save lives. VOCSN ventilator from Ventec Life Systems for Covid patient care is another example of an industry collaboration with automotive industry, supporting healthcare industry needs.

These examples highlight how we deliver Chemistry that Matters.

SABIC’s material solutions for diagnosis of patient samples, as well as for pharmaceutical and Bio-pharmaceutical research, offer high clarity for visual inspection along with excellent durability, impact resistance, sterilizability, chemical resistance and biocompatibility. Applications range from disposable vials and containers for sample collection, to hand-held instruments, such as pipettors for sample preparation, to clinical diagnostic equipment for rapid processing/evaluation of multiple samples.

The portfolio also includes a comprehensive range of SABIC PCG PE and PP grades in full compliance with European Pharmacopeia monograph 3.1.4 and USP IV. Some most recent application examples are shatter-resistant test and blood collection tubes, measuring/dosage cups and syringe barrels.

SABIC Spotlights Advanced Material Solutions for an Expanding Global Hygiene and Healthcare Market at K 2022.


Wearable products designed to prevent people from acquiring infections and taking care of their personal hygiene require safe and pure materials for nonwovens with advanced functionality and best comfort, while incorporating care for the environmental impact. Examples on display at K 2022:

Single-use facemasks: In a joint pilot project between Procter & Gamble, Fraunhofer and SABIC and to tackle the billions of facemasks discarded in public spaces during the ongoing pandemic, worldwide, the partners developed a sustainable closed-loop solution that helps reduce critical waste and mitigate resource depletion. Facemasks worn by employees and visitors at P&G sites in Germany are collected, automatically shredded and converted to pyrolysis oil. SABIC uses the oil as feedstock in the production of certified circular Purecares PP resin. Finally, to close the loop, recycled PP polymer was supplied to P&G, where it was processed into nonwoven fibers material. Read more.

Absorbent hygiene film for sanitary pads, panty liners, towels and diapers in feminine, baby and incontinence care as well as disposable medical applications. SABIC, Plastik Group & DryLock Technologies collaborated to develop high-performance, high-purity and sustainable material solutions for use in the production of absorbent hygiene products. Mass balance certified circular PP and PE polymers from SABIC’s Trucircle portfolio are used by Plastik Group to deliver specialty films designed for absorbent disposables offered by Drylock. The drop-in alternatives to virgin plastics are considered a disruptive circular innovation in this market segment with no compromise in processability or product performance. Read more.

Nonwovens: Consumer comfort is achieved by using SABIC PP polymers for bicomponent fiber to answer multiple needs for loft nonwovens, enabling easy lamination to other building blocks on medical nonwovens or absorbent hygiene applications.

An increasingly urban society of health conscious, knowledgeable and empowered consumers has created a growing market and demand for self-medication products and self-care devices. SABIC’s broad portfolio of health-grade and PCG polymer solutions enables manufacturers to implement miniature design concepts and optimize the user-friendliness of devices. These devices and equipment allow connectivity to enable remote patient monitoring. They are portable and durable enough to be worn on a patient’s body for continuous monitoring.

SABIC’s healthcare product portfolio offers improved impact resistance, broad colorability range, improved durability and design freedom for appropriate lightweight applications. These materials allow combination of components necessary to contain, preserve, protect and deliver a safe efficacy drug product: containers, bottles, caps & closures, films and bags for pharmaceutical packaging. Typical examples include blood pressure monitoring devices, continuous glucose monitors, administration dispensers, insulin pump housings and insulin pens, eye droplets, containers for parenteral solutions, syringes, cups and spoons.

Frontline workers in medical care require reliable protective personal equipment, and surfaces in healthcare facilities must be effectively protected against the hazards of infections as well as fires – all while at the same time ensuring high durability and ease of maintenance. Lexan Sheet and film products from SABIC’s Functional Forms business offer advanced materials to address these challenges.

SABIC Spotlights Advanced Material Solutions for an Expanding Global Hygiene and Healthcare Market at K 2022.


Lexan Cliniwall sheet: A range of impact, scratch and wear resistant sheet products for interior wall claddings in compliance with fire safety according to EN 135051-1. Excellent resistance to chemicals, including stains of blood and urine, as well as to common hospital cleaners and disinfectants makes these materials a perfect choice for demanding and durable applications in clinics, primary care centers, sterile rooms, medical laboratories and elderly homes. The portfolio also comprises specific pre-colored and anti-bacterial grades. Read more.

Lexan HP92AF anti-fog film: After identifying a gap in the market when it comes to protecting frontline workers against theCovid pathogen, SABIC developed a special Lexan anti-fog film for visors, safety goggles, medical instrument lenses and displays. The outstanding optical clarity and high impact strength of the polymer in combination with SABIC’s superior anti-fog coating technology has already proven its effective protection performance in several healthcare applications, where the time-to-fog can make a critical difference. The film product is available in a wide range of gauges, can easily be thermoformed and shows excellent die cutting and printability. Read more.

Visit SABIC during K 2022 from October 19 to 26 in Düsseldorf, Germany, at Booth D42 in Hall 6 to learn more about these and other advanced healthcare and hygiene solutions. The company’s experts will also be available at the booth to discuss how SABIC’s materials portfolio and design services can help you accelerate your journey towards profitable circularity and reduce the climate impact of your products as you address the growing demand for safe and functional applications in this market.

SABIC Spotlights Advanced Material Solutions for an Expanding Global Hygiene and Healthcare Market at K 2022



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