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Hasco Designer Days – in Dialogue With Designers Worldwide

Hasco Designer Days – in Dialogue With Designers Worldwide

The plastics injection moulding industry is developing highly dynamically all over the world, while the demands placed on mouldmaking are increasing due to the ever more complex customer requirements. As an internationally leading standard-component and hot-runner specialist, Hasco is meeting the challenges and providing support during the design phase already.

For a number of years now, Hasco has been organising Designer Days worldwide and thus engaging in an intensive dialogue with designers. The focus at these events is, firstly, on an exchange of information regarding market developments and trends and, secondly, on new approaches to optimising the design workflow.

Digital services

In addition to the many innovative products, numerous new digital services now available in the Hasco portal are presented at the Designer Days. These start with the intelligent product navigation for rapidly finding the relevant standard components. The pages with the product details list identical, similar, dependent, associated, alternative or substitute products, which are marked with the corresponding icon. Designers obtain key information rapidly and simply and can optimally exploit the potential of the Hasco portfolio.

Innovative tools

The mould base assistant guides the designer to a fully configured mould in just five steps. The layout editor makes it very easy to compile an individual mould unit by selecting one of the six different standard layouts. The implementation of intelligent standard components in the Catia, Solidworks and NX libraries has opened up further simplification options. With this innovative tool, designers can incorporate Hasco standard components into the design as CAD models using drag & drop.

In addition to products and services, the focus during the events is on exchanging information with one another. Despite all the digitisation, there is, after all, no substitute for one-to-one communication.

Designer Day in China

Our Chinese colleagues were especially delighted with the large number of attendees at the Designer Day in Jiangsu, because it was the first intensive face-to-face meeting with customers after the pandemic. Numerous hands-on innovations enhanced the understanding of the new products and fostered discussion about leading technologies in the industry. As a full service provider for mouldmaking, Hasco offers tailor-made solutions in line with the customer’s wishes.


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