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Inventors Of The World’s Fastest Draw Tape Bag Making System To Demonstrate New Overlap Bag Winding Equipment

CMD Corporation

Inventors Of The World’s Fastest Draw Tape Bag Making System To Demonstrate New Overlap Bag Winding Equipment

Inventors the World’s Fastest Draw Tape Bag Making System to Demonstrate New Overlap Bag Winding Equipment

(APPLETON, WI, USA /DUSSELDORF, GERMANY) Hall 3, Stand G05 – CMD will exhibit the world’s fastest draw tape bag converting system for embossed bags and will introduce a NEW overlap bag winder as well as powerful IIoT tools for training and process optimization at K 2022, Messe Dusseldorf, October 19-26.

“CMD is advancing technology for even greater productivity, safety and ease of operation, plus introducing new technology that takes into consideration the challenges of worker shortages,” said Tim Lewis, Vice-President of Global Sales and Service. “We’re excited to demonstrate our new overlap bag winder, which offers even higher efficiency and productivity.” Production speeds to be demonstrated at K 2022 are not being revealed until the show opens but will surpass all previous levels.

Along with viewing regular machinery demonstrations, visitors to stand 3 G05 can inspect samples of
100% recycled content embossed draw tape trash bags on easy, one-by-one dispensing rolls and discuss the system with on-site technical experts and international agents.

Converters are continuing to grow their business and expand market share by offering customers the advantage of consumer-friendly, easy-close-and-carry drawtape-style trash bags. The patented Model 1270GDSE Global Drawtape Bagmaking System for Embossed Bags offers even more:

• Proven technology for efficient converting of embossed bags
>High-performance bags that stretch to handle tough trash challenges
>Possibility to use thinner film for materials savings and sustainable advantage
>New product look that stands out and gets noticed
>Customers can choose from a standard embossing pattern or customize your own
• Convert drawtape or straight-top trash bags with minimal set-up between jobs.
• A compact footprint which saves floor space and is simple to thread up and operate
• Retainable menu settings for consistent, high-quality bags
• Optional print-to-seal registration for the high-speed production of printed bags
• An Ethernet-based system allows for remote troubleshooting and programming

The Global Drawtape System can be configured with a variety of bag winding systems, but it will be paired at the K 2022 exhibit with a new overlap winding system from CMD. This enhanced winding system will produce drawstring style bags on “overlapped” rolls with popular, one-at-a-time dispensing.

Wound bags may be connected to each other by perforations, or each bag separated and overlapped onto the previous bag to provide the unique advantage of easy-to-dispense overlapped bags on rolls – a rapidly sought-after consumer convenience.
Enhanced processing capabilities include high speeds and cycle rates never before attained in the industry

New package and product portioning for additional distribution opportunities – right-sized rolls for box, club or dollar stores.
Optional roll banding/labeling allows converters to eliminate outer packaging for a more sustainable product.
Thoughtful operating and maintenance features include space-saving footprint, easier maintenance access, smooth rolls push-offs, and Ethernet enabled for remote support.
The system is automation ready; CMD has experience customizing product take-off automation to complement the system’s productivity.

IIoT Tools That Take Today’s Labor Challenges into Consideration

CMD will introduce two new services based on IIoT technology that will optimizing the process and enhance employee experience in the converting manufacturing environment:

• On Demand Digital Training
o Cloud-based video instructions with AR enhancements
o Train faster, retain more learning and employees
• Insights Process Management Dashboard
o Access to real-time operational data
o Improve OEE
o Preventive maintenance indicators
Both tools will be available for limited demonstrations in the stand.

Sustainable Advantages

CMD’s extensive experience and technologies for sealing and web handling are a great advantage for converters facing tough challenges with new recycled-content and biodegradable film blends and compositions. CMD partners with customers to invent and produce new products and create new market and business opportunities which are rapidly coming online due to the increased market and legislative pressures to lower carbon footprints, use more recycled content and degradable materials.

“While new sustainable films can be a challenge to produce and convert, they also offer a new frontier of opportunity for our customers,” says Lewis. “CMD equipment is designed with the powerful capabilities that provide a wide process window to effectively seal a variety of blends and materials, including new recycled-content and recyclable flexible film, thus supporting sustainability and a circular economy.”

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