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Dedication To Improve Quality And Performance

Dedication To Improve Quality And Performance

Facing more and more rigid and performing operative needs, the supply of quality moulds represents a fixed point to which it is indispensable to put side by side careful attention to the service and time respect of deliveries.

On the basis of this assumption, ALFA STAMPI from Adrara San Martino (BG), a well-known company operating in the field of design and manufacture of moulds for technical rubber articles with over 35 years of history behind it, is aware that quality can and must be constantly produced in a well-structured environment with trained people. For this reason, since the beginning of the year, it was deemed necessary to further reinforce the awareness and expertise of all human resources through a course consisting of a series of monthly meetings with a consultant aimed not only at improving the quality management systems in each department but also at achieving a wide-ranging growth process.

Among the latest developments, we present the mould evaluation sheet, a document capable of standardizing the perception of the offer between customer and supplier in order to optimize the quality/price rate of each request. Being always in line with the customer is not easy, very often the technical aspects do not coincide, and the price cannot be the only element to be taken into consideration during the assignment of a project. With this form, the offer is clear, complete and conceived in every detail.

In the light of the current complex situation, it is difficult to talk about product innovation; today more than ever it is the flexibility that makes the difference. Here are some data that emerge by analyzing the degree of difficulty of the moulds produced in the two-year period 2019-2020: 23% standard moulds, 32% medium and medium-high difficulty, 45% high and high complexity. This diversification has allowed us to be present and competitive on several fronts.


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