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The Well Attended Rajoo Kohil’s Lamex Open House Streamed Live From Balaji Multiflex Demonstrated The “Appropriate Technology” Approach At Its Best!

The ramping up of the Extrusion Coating & Lamination Line to the speed of 360mpm at the hands of Mr. Pranav Bhalara came as quite an astonishment and the line run as smooth as ever. The machine is equipped with winders suitable for reel diameters of 1000 mm and reel weights of 1000 kgs and specially designed for automatic splicing at max. The production speed of 350 mpm.Infeed web tension is precisely controlled by a servo motor. Gravure coating and the drying hoods are designed to ensure the highest efficiency with the least energy consumption. Two extruders mounted on a platform are with 3 axis movement.


The automatic die from Cloeren, the USA working in synch with the beta density sensor established the base ‘grams per square m (gsm)’ of the laminate variation across the width. This ultimately controls the cost of packaging. Yet another example of successful integration by Rajoo of another bought-out system with the main equipment.When it comes to automatic dies, the source from the best in the world.


The machine is installed with ReLEX 4.0 technology, which gives real-time data on production speeds, output levels, productivity, set-up times, downtime for preventative maintenance and repairs with exclusive access.


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