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Arburg At Msv 2021: “Smart” And Digitalised For Efficient Injection Moulding

A hands-on experience of the Gestica control system and the “arburgXworld” customer portal will also be provided at two different stations. In this way, trade visitors can get a picture for themselves of Arburg’s portfolio, which includes numerous digital products and services in addition to machine technology and proprietary control systems.


“The willingness to invest is currently high in our market. If you are looking for production-efficient machines, customised turnkey solutions or innovative processes, Arburg is the right choice,” emphasises Dr Daniel Orel, Managing Director of Arburg spol. s. r.o. in the Czech Republic. “Other highlights at our stand will be a Gestica simulator and the customer portal ‘arburgXworld’. We are delighted to be able to present all this again live and in personal discussions at the Msv trade fair.”


The machine exhibit, an electric Allrounder 520 E with 1,500 kN clamping force and a size 400 injection unit, demonstrates with a 4-cavity mould the efficient production of Fischer dowels, which are known worldwide and valued for their quality.


A simulator will demonstrate the high level of comfort and extensive support offered by the many practical features of the Gestica control system for setting up and operating in everyday production, as well as for integrating robotic systems. Unique assistance functions and “pilots” for adaptive process control and regulation include, for example:


The “aXw Control FillAssist”, which is based on STL data and creates a mould filling study online to determine the appropriate injection process parameters for the machine and the process.

The “aXw Control MeltAssist”, which automatically calculates parameters such as plasticising utilisation and residence times via a chip in the cylinder module and enables performance-based maintenance.

The “aXw Control ScrewPilot”, which ensures a stable filling process by regulating the position of the screw.

The “aXw Control PressurePilot”, which, with its bionically optimised pressure control, makes mould filling more consistent and thus avoids burr formation and underfilling.


The “arburgXworld” customer portal is developing into a central marketplace for plastics processors. Numerous features offering real added value will be on show at Msv 2021. At a terminal on the trade fair stand, visitors can learn how to digitalize the production of their plastic parts with “arburgXworld”, and make it far more efficient, even with the free basic version. Numerous apps and configuration levels offer comprehensive digital support and access to a wealth of information and Arburg know-how.


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