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Simplify Plastic Manufacturing with Superior Lubricants That Guarantee Improved Performance

With over a century of experience in delivering world-class products and services, MobilTM Lubricants is a pioneer in developing superior industrial lubrication solutions. In India, the company has a long and successful record of serving a variety of industries, including the plastics industry. The plastics processing units across the country are engaged in a spectrum of manufacturing methods. Maximum productivity with minimum downtime is integral for a manufacturing organization. When it comes to ensuring high productivity, preventive maintenance is the key to achieving good performance, extended life and improved durability of machines. And, an effective lubrication programmer is key to the smooth functioning of operations.

One of the fundamental plastic manufacturing processes is injection moulding, which is used to manufacture products varying greatly in size, complexity and application. The process is rather convoluted as an injection moulding machine simultaneously deploys hydraulic, electrical, mechanical and other technologies. With plastic injection moulding applications, hydraulic oils play a crucial role in the production process, while being a key factor in minimizing unscheduled downtime and extending oil drain intervals. Choosing the right lubricant, thus, becomes crucial for preventive maintenance and aids reliability and efficient functioning of equipment to keep it free from contamination.

Frequent filter plugging, hitches in servo valve, and other challenges with plastic injection moulding machines can be overcome by timely inspection of the machines and by deploying the right lubricants for maintenance.

According to an ICIS report, India’s plastics industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the country and is expected to reach 3% share of global polymer export market by 2025. To enhance efficacy, plastics manufacturers choose equipment that produce high-quality part s and product s with consistency. For this, machines require appropriate lubrication, used at the right time to achieve longer oil life and additional energy efficiency.

Mobil industrial lubricants have a long and successful record of serving the plastics industry. Its complete line of hydraulic oils, gear and compressor oils, fluids, and greases are formulated to maintain efficient operations and ensure competitiveness of the manufacturer.

A few key offerings by Mobil has for the plastics industry are Mobil DTE 20 Ultra Series, Mobil DTE 10 Excel Series, and more. In addition, Mobil also provides a range of technical services under the Mobil ServSM umbrella, including Mobil ServSM Lubricant Analysis (MSLA), energy efficiency study, hydraulic inspection and lubricant recommendation.

Mobil’s latest offering for the plastics Industry, Mobil DTETM 20 Ultra* is proving to be a gamechanger. With its new breakthrough hydraulic oil technology, Mobil is offering an additional edge over other competing products. The new series’ advanced formulation reduces hydraulic oil consumption significantly. It delivers 72% better wear protection for extending the component life and 89.2% better deposit control for maintaining precision operations. It is compatible with all types of hydraulic systems and components such as close clearance servo-valves and high accuracy numerically controlled (NC) machine tools.

Extensive testing has shown that it comes with high water handling and filter rating. According to the BR RFT APU CL test – an industrial test recognized for hydraulician qualication – the oil provides over 72% better wear protection. It also significantly lowers maintenance frequency, thus, minimizing manmachine interaction, which makes the site safer for industrial workers. Designed to deliver up to two times longer oil life and exceptional performance in the harshest conditions, the series will not
only help industries achieve unprecedented performance goals but also support environmental care by reducing hydraulic oil consumption.

Quality customer experience is at the heart of Mobil’s business strategy. ExxonMobil’s brand experience is a combination of cutting-edge lubrication technology along with state-of-the-art service program. India is among the fastest growing economies in the world, with phenomenal potential for economic and industrial growth. While the pandemic has impacted economic growth globally, proactive policy support to the manufacturing sector can help India to emerge as a leading manufacturing hub.

Discussing the company’s innovative product technology in India, Rupinder
Paintal, Director – Market Development, ExxonMobil Lubricants Pvt. Ltd., said, “ExxonMobil sees promising potential for growth in the Indian market and hopes to capitalize on these trends well in time to bring the best technology to industries here – with a wide range of products, robust distribution channels and applications to tap the country’s huge potential. India is the third-largest lubricant market in the world. So, it is only befitting that we
introduce our finest line of products here to further strengthen our market position.”

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