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Olyns Engineers an Elegant and Convenient Solution to Increase Recycling of Plastics

Every year 86 percent of the world’s plastic isn’t recycled; Olyns’ platform will help meet the 1B pound commercial demand for recycled plastic (rPET)

Olyns, a leader in technology-centric recycling solutions, today announced the launch of its new bottle collection machine, designed for high-traffic, indoor locations. To increase recycling of plastics, the innovative solution provides a convenient way for consumers to redeem bottle deposits while earning rewards through a mobile app. The approach also helps break down barriers surrounding the collection and transportation of recyclables.

“The lack of plastics recycling is a global emergency. At Olyns, we are helping meet the critical demand for recycled plastic that otherwise would end up in our landfills and oceans,” said Philip Stanger, CEO of Olyns. “We offer a convenient and rewarding infrastructure for consumers to recycle, empower gig workers to have a positive impact on our environment, and help brands target their audiences on our sustainable media platform.”

Earlier this year, PepsiCo partnered with Olyns to produce a pilot program in one Safeway store that to-date has grown to collecting nearly 1,000 containers per day or about 30 customers a day depositing. Additional Olyns machines today have launched in Safeway stores in Milpitas (#1879) and Santa Clara (#1990).

“We understand that there are challenges and confusion when it comes to recycling,” said Tim Carey, Vice President of Sustainability at PepsiCo Beverages North America. “PepsiCo is committed to action, but we recognize that there is no single approach that works everywhere, and sustainable progress requires collaboration across industries. We are proud to partner with Olyns to make recycling more accessible for consumers and to do our part to continue supporting a closed loop system where packaging never becomes waste.”

A single Olyns machine can compress and store more than 1,000 plastic bottles, 850 aluminum cans and 50 glass bottles, and deliver over one and a half metric tons of clean recycled PET per year. The eye-catching, clean, and odorless machine also serves as a media platform featuring a 65-inch, full motion glass HD video display, offering a unique platform for advertisers to reach consumers.

“At Safeway, we are committed to adding solutions that have a positive impact on the environment and give consumers convenient ways to contribute to this important effort,” said Jimmy Costillas, Director of Front End Operations for Safeway. “We are excited to partner with Olyns on this pilot program at select locations. The Olyns platform is compelling because it provides value to our customers with a streamlined convenience and instant benefits to redeem CRV containers while they’re shopping.”

The Olyns bottle collection machine crushes and separates materials, uses AI-image recognition for dynamic deposit returns, and deploys touchless NFC login via the Olyns mobile app to complete transactions. In the 10 bottle bill states (states with bottle deposit laws to encourage recycling), Olyns can refund consumers through the Olyns app via Paypal for every container they deposit in a machine. Uniquely, Olyns machines are serviced with the help of the gig economy, whose members use the Olyns mobile app to receive “empty machine” alerts to pick up and deliver deposited containers to recycling centers.

Olyns machines double as a media platform helping fund more consumer recycling incentives and company growth. Eighty-eight percent of consumers want brands to help them live more sustainably, giving brands an opportunity to reach this audience during their recycling experience. The dual-purpose screens can air inspiring content to drive the importance of recycling, and act as a powerful advertising network to communicate with millions of consumers and influence purchase decisions at points of sale.

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