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Polysack and Flessofab unveil fully recyclable eco-friendly flexible packaging

By 2050, the waste generated across the world is predicted to reach 3.4
billion tons [1]. This global environmental strain is caused by the
growing population’s demand for more food and water. As we are
increasingly concerned for the environment, the rising awareness of more
bio-friendly solutions are expected to encourage demand for the
sustainable packaging market.
Polysack [2], a leading sustainable developer and manufacturer of fully
recyclable plastic packaging films for high-shrink labels, is partnering
with Flessofab [3], a supplier of innovative flexible packaging
solutions using  Flexo and Rotogravure printing technology, to launch a
series of eco-friendly, stand-up pouch packaging. This collaboration
will help replace BOPET (biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate)
in 80 percent of its applications, promoting an environmentally friendly
packaging system.
Polysack’s commitment to protecting the environment is reflected in
the company’s true 100% mono-material flexible packaging, which makes
their product fully recyclable. They developed an eco-friendly material
used from beverages to consumer goods. Containing non-halogen materials
that are easily recyclable, Polysack‘s light film is the only
sustainable high-volume production solution worldwide for high
You can read more about it here: [4]
Please let me know if you would like to cover the partnership between
Polysack and HP Indigo. I am also more than happy to set up an interview
with Yanir Aharonson, CEO of Polysack.

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